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Reasons you should watch Farscape


Wrote this for witchfall . Watch Farscape, Kathryn!

PLOT: Human astronaut John Crichton is accidentally sucked through a wormhole onto a ship of outlaws, running from interplanetary military called the Peacekeepers. Peacekeeper Aeryn Sun (LOVE OF MY LIFE) crashes into their ship and is exiled from the military because she’s “contaminated” by the outlaws. They all manage to escape and fly off to have adventures. Starts out standard adventure series with some genre-savvy twists and becomes a character drama in space.

It’s sometimes really dark - they’re selfish and reckless and prioritize their crew over everything else and sometimes other people die - and always off-the-wall funny. In the obligatory body swap episode there’s like a five-minute scene where Crichton has to teach the Muppet alien in his body how to pee as a human. SCREENCAP:



Lots of lady characters, of many personality types and lifestyles. Aeryn is the second protagonist after Crichton, and has an AMAZING character arc. 

Main thing though is that John Crichton is just a normal dude (a smart one I mean he’s an astronaut right) who grew up watching Star Trek and Back to the Future and Star Wars, then got sucked into space and realized Spielberg was wrong. Farscape is genre-savvy and weird and funny and dark and I think you’d really like it.

(Oh and a lot of the special effects are physical effects, like prosthetics and makeup and aliens from the Jim Henson Creature Shop. Weird-looking sometimes but it makes it seem more real because the actors are interacting with physical objects.) (and you will be attached to the Muppets soon enough it happens without you noticing)

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woohoo? you mean the sex? (I have been playing too much sims)

Ah, yes. Sex cake! 

You and me both, Erin! So much Sims!

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I think we should each get 1/2000th of your cake. ;-P Congrats! Each follower is well-deserved!

I can bake a cake for each and every one of you! I mean it’s going to take a couple of years, but I could do it =P

Thank you

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I just noticed that at some point during the night I reached the 2.000 followers milestone. You guys are amazing. Thank you all!

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