I’ll fight my enemies, but I’ll fight fair.

Lieutenant Jones, Master of the puppy eyes. (Dedicated to hookier and jumpingpuddles).





Has no one seen this… omg…

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Carter, what’s going on? - in Continuum.

But I don’t think you understand. This is Samantha Carter, badass Air Force Baby, PhDs out her arse, ‘natural resource, natural treasure’, blew up a fucking sun to kill an entire enemy fleet, Samantha Carter. She was about to die in a puddle of goop and she was still ‘thinking’. She was stuck in a time bubble for 50 YEARS and then managed to FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET OUT OF IT WHILE AN OLD AND CROTCHETY LADY. She wrote the dialling computer codes for the Stargate, logged over 100 hours in enemy air space during the Gulf War, she survived torture I don’t know how many times including by a guy she liked and trusted, she was held captive and almost killed because she was INHABITED BY AN ALIEN AGAINST HER WILL. But this. Right here. After all that shit, Sam Carter is brought down because she watched Jack O’Neill die. That’s what finally broke her. Calm and professional Sam, who could think her way out of anything, was rendered mute because she watched Jack basically die in her arms. I absolutely cannot with this motherfucking scene.

Re-reblogging because samantha-carter-is-my-muse mentioned this was her favorite scene that she giffed from Stargate Continuum, and because ellie5192's commentary is awesome.




Okay, so this is the 2nd time that I’ve gotten this message. At first I was like “Oh yeah its just someone who’s trying to get themselves promoted or something but then I got this again and it doesn’t seem right because they changed their name to Victoria suddenly??? When I first got it it was Nathaly but this could be a virus I have no clue, I never went to the website or their tumblr because I don’t want to get any possible viruses on my computer so I might be wrong but just in case please reblog it because I don’t want anyone to get any viruses. If I’m wrong then please tell me and I’ll take this down but for now please reblog this, thank you!

UPDATE: Yeah it’s virus blogs. I’ve gotten them from two different people and their title was the same. One was “Beautiful Landscapes” and the other was “Beautiful Tattoos” and so yeah reblog this really fast before anyone gets the virus ok thanks again. The first blog that sent me this was zinokmass so watch out for zinokmass and labagaww thank you guys so much ignore the message if you get it


oh really fucking funny peter, you think youre a comedian now?


Jack: "You are so wrong. It's a perfect analogy. Burns as Goa'uld."
Teal'c: "They are merely animated characters, O'Neill."
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Killian Jones - putting Zelena in her place when it comes to his Lady Swan

"What makes a story work? Is it the plot? The characters? The text? The subtext? And who gives the story meaning? Is it the writer? Or you? Tonight I thought I would tell you a little story, and let you decide.” - Supernatural Metatron

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